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Roadside Emergency Tips

Do not know what to do when you meet with an accident?

Here are some tips for handling roadside emergencies.

  1. Keep calm. A calm head will help you assess the situation.
  2. Give aid. If someone is hurt, render help immediately, but only if you do not place yourself or others in danger.
  3. Call the police, if necessary. Report any circumstances that put you and your passengers or your vehicle in danger. Find a safe spot to wait for help. In heavy traffic it is best to put some distance between yourself and your car. Remember to switch on your hazard lights and place a reflective triangular warning sign at least 20 metres behind the vehicle.
  4. Always carry an emergency kit with first aid supplies and other safety/survival items. It is also advisable to have a camera in your car to enable you to take photos in case of accident.
  5. After an accident, show your driving licence only to the other party involved or the police. Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible.
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