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Most Common Bad Driving Habits

“You’re speeding home from work so you won’t be late for your daughter’s birthday celebration. You reach for your mobile phone to sms your wife to inform that you are running a bit late. You forget to signal while you are in a hurry to switch lanes to avoid the traffic hold up ahead of you”

Within the one short drive, you have demonstrated some of the most common bad driving habits. Uphold the eight good driving habits and our roads will become be a lot safer and pleasant for all road users.

Do not use your mobile phone while driving

When you talk on the phone, even when using a handsfree kit, you lose concentration on the road. Avoid making phone calls or reading mobile phone SMS while driving and give your full concentration on the road.

Do not speed

Speeding endangers not only the driver but also other road users.

Signal your intention

Signal early when you intend to change lanes or when turning. Otherwise, other road users behind you will not be able to anticipate your intention and it may result in an accident.

Give way to each other

Do not intentionally speed up to close a gap when you see another driver trying to switch lanes. Give way to other road users. Do practise courtesy while on the roads.

Do not tailgate

Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Use the 2-second rule. Tailgating is very dangerous as it reduces the amount of time a driver has to react to emergencies.

Use the horn sparingly

The horn is to warn other road users of potential danger and not for us to express our impatience while caught in a traffic hold-up. Do not be a nuisance on the road.

Keep to your lane when driving

Control your vehicle and keep to the middle of your lane. Do not straddle in between two lanes or drive at the edge of a line as it may annoy other motorists.

Road hogging

Do not drive slowly when on the extreme right lane. If you are road hogging, there is a higher chance of accidents occurring as other road users behind you may be forced to overtake on the left.

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