TM Xplora Plus

Explore the world on business or leisure protected by TM Xplora Plus at less than $1 per day*

In today’s challenging travel environment, TM Xplora Plus provides peace of mind for your travel uncertainties.

Covering 39 scenarios, from flight delays to major medical emergencies due to selected epidemic or pandemic disease, such as COVID-19, we ensure that if you encounter an emergency situation overseas, Tokio Marine will be there to assist you.

Your TM Xplora Plus is carefully crafted to provide comprehensive protection according to your coverage needs.

All you have to do is choose:

  1. Your destination(s) : Zone A or Zone B
  2. Your choice of cover : Premier or Classic
  3. Your scope of cover : Yourself only or with your family members
  4. Your period of cover : Each trip or an annual program
  5. Your payment method.


*Based on premium of an annual policy divided by 365.

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