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Exclusive for AA Life and Ordinary Members with 3-year membership tenure or more <ie: Join Year 2019 and before> Sign up for a Car Servicing Package with Point S by BCC Automotive andreceive a complimentary Car Service Package* on your next visit, courtesy from AA!   Available for $128 or $158 Car Servicing Package* Limited to the first 100 redemptions [...]
DO YOU KNOW? AA Life, Ordinary and Family members who have completed at least 3 years’ membership tenure will enjoy *fee waiver of Roadside Assistance Service (RAS) for usage of non-standard tow under their membership’s RAS entitlement. Note: * Not applicable for towing services listed under certain car makes+ +Certain car makes refer to Aston [...]
Renew Now ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL RATES 1-Year Ordinary Renewal @ $81 2-Year Ordinary Renewal @ $162 - Receive SPECO Nano Spray Bundle worth $29.90 2-Year Ordinary Renewal Upgrade @ $195 - Receive Verbatim Charger worth $85 3-Year Ordinary Renewal @ $243 - Receive Black & Decker 12V Drill & Home Tool kit worth $137.70 3-Year Ordinary Renewal @ $243 - Receive 20V Cordless Handheld [...]
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