AA Personal Mobility Plus

Underwritten by Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd

Who is it for?

Owners of the Bicycle* or Personal Mobility Device** (PMD)

* Bicycle refers to a pedal bicycle, a pedal tricycle, or a power-assisted bicycle.
** Personal Mobility Device (PMD) is defined as a vehicle that: –

  1. Is designed to use by one person on footpaths only and travelling within the speed limit of not more than 25km/h;
  2. Has one or more wheels that operate on single axis;
  3. Is propelled by an electric motor attached to the vehicle or by human power or both; and
  4. Does not resemble a motor car or motor cycle.

Personal Mobility Device does not include (but not limited to) wheelchair, power assisted unicycle, rollerblade, roller-skate, skateboard, unicycle, trolley, any wheeled baby transport, motor car and motor cycle.


What does it cover?


  1. Compensation for Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement following Accidental bodily Injury whilst the Insured is riding, mounting or dismounting from a: –
    1. Bicycle: S$20,000/- per person
    2. PMD: S$50,000/- per person
  2. Medical Expenses – S$1,000/- per person per policy year (subject to an excess of S$100/- for each and every claim)
    1. Reimburse for medical and hospital expenses incurred following Accidental bodily Injury whilst the Insured is riding, mounting or dismounting from a bicycle or PMD
  3. Personal Liability – S$100,000/- any one accident/aggregate any one period (inclusive of legal cost and expenses)
    1. Insures against third party claims if Insured is legally liable for third party’s bodily Injury or damage to third party’s property caused by Insured’s negligence whilst riding, mounting or dismounting from a bicycle or PMD


Summary of Benefits

Description of Benefits

Sum Insured

Accidental Death

Bicycle –S$20,000
Personal Mobility Device –S$50,000

Permanent Disablement: Scale I

Bicycle –S$20,000
Personal Mobility Device –S$50,000

Medical Expenses (per Policy Year) subject to an excess of
S$100 for each and every claim


Personal Liability –any one accident / aggregate any one period
(inclusive of legal cost and expenses)


The information provided here is a summary. Please refer to the actual policy wordings for the terms and conditions.

Premium Payable exclusive for AA Members

Annual Premium including prevailing GST (7%):


Less 10% discount:


Total Premium Payable including prevailing GST (7%):


Territorial Limit

Within Singapore only.

Age Limits

From 18 to 65 years old.

Important Notes

The Policy excludes any pre-existing physical defect or infirmity for which medical care, treatment or advice was recommended by or received from a Physician or which was first manifested or contracted 12 months preceding the effective date of coverage.

Special Exclusion

The policy does not cover claims directly or indirectly caused by or arising from or in the course of:-

  1. insured’s occupation
  2. breaking any laws, rules, regulations or guidelines set by any relevant authority in Singapore
  3. a rental bicycle or PMD
  4. illegal modification of the bicycle or PMD.